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Employee Gamification Activities in Stockton

Employee Gamification in  Stockton

Engage your employees with gamification solutions

If you've ever played the slots at a casino or Candy Crush on your phone, you know that the rush of getting a game reward can be a strong motivation to keep playing. The same is true in business – gamification activities can be a big incentive for employees to achieve company goals.

According to psychologist James Madigan, when participants overcome a game challenge to receive a reward, their brain triggers the release of a pleasure-inducing chemical called dopamine. The hormone is addictive, and in the workplace it can help make employees more motivated and productive.

That's why many of our fun group activities use gamification. We've structured them with clear goals, obstacles that challenge employees, and provide instant feedback for successful participants. You can challenge your team with two types of employee gamification activities: active games where players compete physically, and cerebral puzzle games that are a battle of wits.

Cerebral employee gamification puzzle activities available in Stockton

If your team enjoys brainy board games like Craninum and Trivial Pursuit, they'll love our employee gamification activities that focus on problem solving. You can get employees thinking with a fun mental exercise that includes challenging riddles, puzzles, and brainteasers.

Many of our most popular cerebral activities include game mechanics like points and a live leaderboard to inspire a friendly competition as well. There's nothing like a little rivalry to get the brain juices flowing! In Team Pursuit, for example, teams try to solve the most clues in categories like mental, skill, physical, and mystery.

Cerebral activities are perfect for teams who like to work out their minds, not their bodies. Check out our full list of cerebral employee gamification activities in Stockton.

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Active employee gamification activities available in Stockton

For energetic teams who enjoy getting athletic and exploring everything Stockton has to offer, our active employee gamification activities are a great solution. Getting the chance to run around and do something physical can be a powerful and fun release for employees.

You can take your team out into the city and do something memorable together. Activities like Wild Goose Chase are a great way to energize your team, get them outdoors for the day, and promote health and fitness in the workplace.

It doesn't matter how much time you have, the size of your group, or where you are located – all of our activities can be tailored to fit your needs. Explore our full list of active employee gamification activities in Stockton.

"Play It Forward encouraged a high degree of interaction among the team, involved strategy, problem solving, cooperation, compromise and participation. It was very energizing and fun! Service was very responsive and attitude and interactions were very positive."

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How to get started

Get in touch with us, and our team of Employee Engagement Consultants will work with your needs to find the right gamification activity for your group. You can expect a fast response and an event proposal, highlighting all details for the activity. If you want any changes made to the proposal, our team is always flexible and do whatever is possible to make the event perfect for your team.

When it comes to the day of your gamification activity, you can trust our team to deliver a great experience for your whole team. Companies in Stockton trust us every day to run their team building activities, and we take pride in delivering events that employees love.

To get started with your employee gamification activity, get in touch with us at 1-877-713-7238, via email at: [email protected], or by requesting a callback using the Contact Us form below.